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RON SURACE: Pinocchio Suite

"Donkey Fever" from Pinocchio Suite

November 6, 2015
Ron Surace
The work is a collection of 14 songs for duo piano, voice and narrator. The work is based entirely on the original Carlo Collodi "The Adventures of Pinocchio.' The only exceptions are with the libretto for voice, which required some adjustments for dramatic and musical clarity.
The lyrics are taken, almost literally, from the original text by Carlos Collodi.
Donkey fever? Donkey fever? Donkey fever, Donkey fever,
I don't get it. That's a fever I don't understand.

Then I will explain it to you.
You must know that soon you'll no longer be a puppet.

Then what shall I be? What shall I be? What shall I be?

In two or three hours you will become really and truly a little donkey.
Like those that draw carts and carry cabbages, and salad.
Cabbabes and salad to the market, to the market.